Feel confident and free in food choices with nutrition coaching and meal planning.

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Do you feel frustrated?

Do you want to nourish yourself without going crazy?

Does the bottomless pit of internet diets frustrate and confuse you?

Do you feel boxed-in by food rules?

Do you feel distrust for your body from a chronic illness?

Does going to parties or eating out cause you anxiety or take up a lot of thought?

Do you feel guilty for not eating the "right" thing?

There is a better way.

Have a healthier relationship to food and movement

Enjoy eating without guilt or feeling out of control

Manage your health and chronic illnesses such as prediabetes, diabetes, or PCOS without stress

 Melissa's [Grateful Meal Nutrition] approach to intuitive eating has helped me in ways that surprise me. I have never felt judged or less than. She encourages me to find my own best path to good nutrition and health. I have dropped my A1C #'s in a month and it has been totally due to her great coaching. I am a very picky eater and also do not like to cook, so her coaching has helped me to see how I can still eat what I like with attention to the details of the nutrition in the foods. I am very grateful to have found her.

-Nan F. 

 Melissa's [Grateful Meal Nutrition] suggestions are easy and I have freedom to eat much more than I was trying so hard to do on my own. I was impressed with her gentleness and confident manner. I am doing much better and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone with a dietary need. I felt that she really cared about my struggles.

-Dianne V. 


Initial Consultation $165

Includes a 60 minute assessment and evaluation with a detailed recap of the visit including any goals, resources, and applicable handouts.

Follow-Up Consultation $100

Includes a 45 minute follow-up session with a detailed recap of the visit including any goals, resources, and applicable handouts.

Express consultation $85

Includes a 30 minute Q&A or meal planning session. No full assessment and only surface level questions. Clients will also receive an email recap. 


3 Mo. Subscription $215/month (save $137)

Includes two 1-on-1 video appointments per month with unlimited email support and 3 months of custom meal planning. Requires 3 month commitment and auto draft.

6 Mo. Subscription $195/month (save $329)

Includes two 1-on-1 video appointments per month with unlimited email support and 6 months of custom meal planning. Requires 6 month commitment and auto draft.

Meal Planning $39/month**

Access to flexible weekly meal planning software suited to your needs and preferences. Software includes recipes and comprehensive grocery lists. Clients have access to limited email support and troubleshooting from Melissa. This service can be canceled at anytime.

**Must be used in conjunction with other services. 

Melissa [Grateful Meal Nutrition] is wonderful, personable, and really knows her stuff! I can't convey how much she helped when I was first diagnosed with DM [diabetes]. I was afraid as I did not know what to expect, Melissa was very supportive. I did well under her guidance; she became my biggest cheerleader! I will forever remain grateful.

-Nicole J.

Melissa [Grateful Meal Nutrition] was very friendly and knowledgeable. She immediately made me feel comfortable talking about my concerns and stresses. Melissa answered my questions, talked through strategies, and gave me documents to help remember my overall plan. I came into the meetings with high anxiety over my diagnosis of reactive hypoglycemia and she did a great job teaching/giving me the tools to manage my blood sugar.

-Kristen T. 

Melissa Macher Dietitian Nutritionist in Charleston, SC

Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and creator of Grateful Meal Nutrition. 

I'm on a mission to help people feel confident and free in their food choices through nutrition coaching and meal planning. I work with people that have chronic health conditions such as prediabetes, diabetes, and PCOS. I help clients work through intuitive eating to nourish their bodies without restriction. 

Intuitive eating is non-weight focused, meaning we can talk about weight concerns, but we don't focus on weight loss as a goal or prescription. We focus on finding satisfying food that suits your needs and preferences while improving your health and wellness. 

Are you ready?

Let's do this!

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