Lemon Drop Spritz


This Lemon Drop Cocktail Spritz is made with limoncello, club soda, and prosecco sparkling wine. It is one of the best Summer cocktails to sip on while you're lounging at the pool or beach.

What is limoncello?

Limoncello is an Italian liqueur made from soaking lemon peels in neutral-flavored alcohol. It results in a thick, sweet, and tart liqueur that can be drunk by itself as a digestif – something to sip on after a meal to help “digest."

Step 1: Fill a large wine glass with ice and add the limoncello

Step 2: Top with sparkling wine and soda water to lemon drop cocktail

What is kind of sparkling wine should I use?

You should choose a dry sparkling wine to go with this spritz. Limoncello is very sweet, so add a sweet sparkling wine would likely be too much. I recommend you use Prosecco or Cava. 

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