Holiday Gifts for Prosecco and Champagne Lovers

Spread some holiday cheer with these festive gift ideas for prosecco and champagne lovers. From unique glassware to fun and silly gifts, these gifts are perfect for any bubbly lover.

All specific products mentioned in these slides can be found in the blog post linked below. 

#1 - Practical or aesthetic? #2 - Adventurous or traditional? #3- What do you want to convey?

3 Things to Consider When  Picking a Gift

Bubbly Cocktail Recipe Books

Budget: $15-$25

Tools for serving sparkling wine

Budget: $10-$90

Glassware and Tumblers

Budget: $15-$35

Fun and Whimiscal

Budget: $10-$25

For more ideas including how to make a prosecco gift basket - see the full blog post article below. 

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