Vibrant Colorful Cocktails to Brighten Your Day

Explore the world of vibrant, colorful cocktails! Dive into delicious Blue Mojitos, enchanting Unicorn French 75s, tasty Cherry Whiskey Sours, fun Poolside Jello Shots, and so many more!

Blue Mojito:  Refresh your taste buds with this cool, minty twist on the classic mojito, featuring brilliant blue hues for an eye-catching drink.

Unicorn French 75:  Sip on a magical concoction of gin, champagne, and a burst of colorful shimmer, perfect for adding sparkle to any celebration.

Cherry Whiskey Sour with Amaretto:  Indulge in this delightful mix of whiskey, amaretto, and cherry, creating a luscious, fruity twist on the traditional sour cocktail.

Poolside Jello Shots:  Enjoy these fun, fruity, and tropical jello shots that are sure to be a hit at your next pool party or summer gathering.

Empress Gin French Martini:  Impress your guests with this sophisticated and regal cocktail, combining Empress Gin, pineapple juice, and Chambord for a vibrant masterpiece.

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