Spooky Dracula Halloween Cocktail


Get into the Halloween spirit with the Spooky Dracula Halloween Cocktail! With its dark and eerie appearance, it's the perfect spooky cocktail to enjoy on a haunted night.

You'll need these: -Vodka -Chambord -Cranberry juice -Lime juice -Sparkling rosé

These are optional, but fun ingredients to add: -Edible glitter -Red gel icing 

Add your vodka and Chambord to an empty cocktail shaker. 

Then, the juices and edible glitter.  Add ice and shake until well chilled. Strain into a martini glass. 

Tip: it's better to add ice after you've added your ingredients to the cocktail shaker to prevent dilution. 

Garnish with some red icing on toy vampire teeth. 

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