Practical Magic Coconut Lime Margarita Recipe

Transport to Aunt Jet and Frances' kitchen with this Practical Magic Coconut Lime Margarita. This cocktail combines coconut tequila, the lime juice, and the magical color-changing secret ingredient. 

Ingredients: –coconut tequila -triple sec -lime juice -ice -butterfly pea tea -black salt

Recommendations on where to buy specialty items such as butterfly pea flower tea and black salt are in the recipe blog post below. 

The full recipe also includes instructions for how to make a batch of Midnight Margaritas for a crowd.

Brew the butterfly pea flower tea per package directions. Chill after brewing. 

Rim a margarita glass by moistening the rim with a lime wedge and roll in black salt. 

Add the coconut tequila and triple sec to a blender bowl. 

Then, add the lime juice and ice cubes to the blender bowl. 

Blend in the blender until completely smooth and pour into the margarita glass, leaving just a little headroom for the tea. 

Top with the cold butterfly pea flower tea and watch the magical color change! Garnish if desired with a lime wheel (fresh or dried).

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