Mini Chicken Meatloaf Cups

This mini chicken meatloaf recipe is made with an easy homemade pineapple BBQ sauce. You can make a batch (or two) for the week ahead or freeze for later. 

Scallions Ground chicken Ginger Oatmeal Egg Crushed pineapple Worcestershire sauce Garlic powder Ketchup


Combine scallion whites, ground chicken, ginger, oatmeal, crushed pineapple, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder with salt and pepper is a large mixing bowl.


Divide the meatloaf mixture evenly in the muffin tin. 

Mix pineapple juice, Worcestershire sauce, and ketchup together and brush onto meatloaves.

Bake for 30-35 minutes and top with scallion greens to serve. 

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