Limoncello Italian Spritz Cocktail

This Limoncello Spritz is made with sweet Italian limoncello, club soda, and prosecco. It is one of the best Italian cocktails to sip on when the warm weather hits.

What is limoncello? Limoncello is a thick, sweet, tart Italian liqueur made by soaking lemon peels in alcohol. It can be drunk by itself as a digestif – something to sip on after a meal to help “digest.” It is really delicious on its own but it also makes for a perfect cocktail ingredient.

Step 1: Add limoncello to a large wine glass filled with ice. 

Step 2: Top with sparkling wine and then soda water. 

Measurements for a large batch to serve 8 -2 cups of limoncello -1 bottle (750ml) of prosecco -1 cup of soda water Pour everything into a large pitcher and gently stir. Pour into ice filled glasses when ready to serve. 

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