Large and Small Charcuterie Board Ideas

Charcuterie boards aren't just for large gatherings, you can make a charcuterie board of any size and still make it fancy and fun!

How much charcuterie per person for an appetizer?

Aim for 2-3 oz. of meat per person and 2-3 oz. cheese per person for an appetizer.

For full measurements for charcuterie as a meal - check out the post. 

Where can you find affordable places to buy charcuterie board ingredients?

Costco- offers wide variety of cheeses and meats, but best for large quantities

Aldi + Trader Joes: lots of selection for a good price and can get quantities for smaller boards

Order in which to assemble charcuterie board: 1) Ramekins with mustards, jams, honey, etc.  2) Cheese 3) Meat 4) Add in extras like fruit, nuts, crackers, etc.

Food Safety Considerations: Don’t leave the meat and cheeses out for more than 2 hours. After 2 hours, it can be a recipe for food-borne illness.

Storage options: -Special cheese storage bags -Airtight containers - Special produce containers -Ziplock bags

Pro tip: Produce containers are made to separate moisture from the produce to extend freshness. If you don't have these, add a paper towel to your ziplock or airtight container to wick away moisture and prolong the life of your produce. . 

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