Hocus Pocus Halloween Vodka Martini


This beautiful purple Hocus Pocus Martini Halloween cocktail is the perfect drink for spooky season.  You just need a few simple ingredients to make a cocktail that the Sanderson sisters would love.

Ingredients needed: Butterfly pea flower vodka (or gin) - see next slide Triple sec orange liqueur Lemon juice Edible glitter gel icing (optional) Lemon peel for garnish (optional)

Tip: You can buy or make butterfly pea flower vodka or gin.  For store bought, the easiest to find is Empress Gin.  You can also DIY some yourself  ...more details ➡️

DIY Butterfly Pea Flower Vodka Swipe up to get the recipe and where to find the ingredients.

Step 1:  Add vodka or gin, orange liqueur, glitter gel (optional), and lemon to cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well.

Step 2:  Strain into a martini glass and garnish.

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