French Martini Gin Cocktail

This French Martini Gin Cocktail is a modern take on a French martini, which is made with butterfly pea flower gin, pineapple and lemon juice, blackberry liqueur, and cranberry bitters.

What is butterfly pea flower gin? It's a unique gin that is infused with butterfly pea blossom, which is an edible flower that gives the gin a bright, indigo color. Butterfly pea flower infused gins also change color in the presence of acids (like lemon juice) and make for a fun party trick.

Step 1: Add gin and blackberry liqueur to a shaker with ice. Shake well.

Step 2: Strain into a coupe glass. Add pineapple and lemon juice gently. Watch the color change (thanks to the butterfly pea flower gin).

Step 3: Add a few dashes of cranberry bitters.

Step 4: Garnish with lemon and blackberries.

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