Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

This guide will help you choose cheeses, meats, fruits, and more in the right quantities for a Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board that you and your guests will love. It's so simple and takes only 10 min!

Ingredient ideas (not all are required)

See the full recipe for  specific quantities that are adaptable for any size crowd plus all of my tips including how to make a salami rose. 

Step 1: Start with a festive board (optional) and a mini pumpkin or squash for decoration.

Step 2: Add the larger items such as bowls with condiments, large cheese hunks, and larger decorations.

Step 3: Add slices of cheese, meats, and fruit/veggies in various patterns, working around the larger items.

Step 4: Tuck smaller fruits, nuts, crackers, and fall-inspired herbs in the remaining gaps.

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