Christmas Charcuterie Tree

This festive Christmas-themed charcuterie tree board is perfect for holiday gatherings of any size. Measurements are included to calculate how much meat and cheese per person.

Step 1: Add the grapes, mozzarella balls, and cheese cubes to the board shaping each row in decreasing lengths to make a Christmas tree shape.

Step 2: Fold your salami slices into fourths and stack them with other slices that have been folded in fourths. Arrange the stack into one of the rows.

Step 3: Add the berries as a another row.

Step 4: Roll each slice of coppa into a log and arrange in a circular or star shape at the top of the charcuterie Christmas tree.

Step 5: Add a cracker to the bottom for the trunk, serve the rest on the side.

Step 6: Tuck fresh rosemary sprigs and arrange cranberries throughout “tree.”

For full measurements for meat and cheese per person, check out the full blog post and instructions linked below.

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