DIY Infused Vodka Gift

This color changing butterfly pea infused vodka requires just two ingredients and few minutes hands on time, making it an easy DIY gift! It’s the perfect addition to your bar cart or a no-fuss last-minute gift.

What is butterfly pea flower tea?

Butterfly pea flower tea has become increasingly popular to infuse into beverages and liquors. It is unique in that it changes color when it interacts with acid - like lime or lemon juice.

Where can I buy butterfly pea flower tea?

I have butterfly pea flower tea in linked in my shop page under the "cocktail" section.

What does butterfly pea flower tea taste like?

Butterfly pea flower tea flavors are very subtle and won’t change the taste of whatever it is mixed into.

Ingredients needed:

Instructions: Add dried tea flowers to the vodka and infuse for a couple of hours or until the vodka turns a deep purple color. 

More tips for gifting this purple vodka included in the blog post. 

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