Best Gifts for Gin Lovers

From DIY gin infusing kits to stunning cocktail glasses, this gift guide has everything a gin lover could want. With options for all budgets, you'll find something that will impress any gin lover.

All specific products mentioned in the following categories can be found in the guide linked below. 

#1 - Do they like useful or just for fun things?

3 Things to Conider Before Picking a Gift

A practical person may appreciate high-quality tonic water, while someone that loves aesthetics might enjoy some edible cocktail glitter. 

#2 - Do they like classic or new?

3 Things to Conider Before Picking a Gift

For a someone with classic taste, consider a timeless set of glassware.  For someone more adventurous, consider a recipe book with unique ideas or a cocktail smoker kit.

#3 - What is your budget?

3 Things to Conider Before Picking a Gift

This might be obvious, but it is an important question that will make your search a lot smoother. 

Specific kits linked below.

DIY Gin Infusion Kits

Budget: $25-$35

Things like concentrated tonic syrups or travel cocktail kits are all great options. Specifics linked below.

Mixers + Cocktail Kits

Budget: $15-$35

Beautiful glassware and insulated tumblers are very versatile gifts.. Specifics linked below.

Glassware and Tumblers

Budget: $10-$50

Reusable cocktail picks, artisan olives, and cocktail glitter are fun ways to elevate drinks. Specifics linked below. 

Cocktail Garnishes 

Budget: $10-$30

Books on the history and making of gin as well as recipe books are another well received option. Specifics linked below. 

Cocktail + Recipe Books

Budget: $10-$20

Tools can range from basic (like a juicer) to more advanced (like a cocktail smoker). Specifics linked below.

Gadgets + Tools

Budget: $15-$60

These are perfect for people that like puns and lighthearted gifts like G&T jelly beans or mugs with funny sayings.  Specifics linked below.

Funny + Cute

Budget: $15-$25

For more ideas including how to make a gin gift basket - see the full blog post article below. 

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