Easy Summer Cocktails for Tonight


Sip on sunshine with these 7 vibrant summer cocktails, perfect for a refreshing evening treat. Cheers to delightful flavors and creative cocktails!

Blue Mojito   Add a twist to the classic with this Blue Mojito, featuring blue curacao for a pop of color.

Limoncello Tonic  Taste the zest of Italy with this Limoncello Tonic, combining citrusy sweetness and effervescence.

Cherry Whiskey Sour Indulge in a sophisticated blend of bourbon, amaretto, and cherries in this Cherry Whiskey Sour.

Blue Shark Attack Cocktail Unleash your inner beach bum with the playful and fruity Shark Attack Cocktail, garnished with red icing and shark candies!

Orange Creamsicle Martini Savor a nostalgic treat reinvented in this velvety Orange Creamsicle Martini.

Aperol Mule Experience a burst of citrus and ginger in this vibrant Aperol Mule, a twist on the classic cocktails, Moscow Mule and Aperol Spritz.

Mermaid Water Margarita Dive into tropical paradise with this shimmering Mermaid Water Margarita made with coconut tequila, pineapple, and edible glitter. 

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