7 of Summer's Best Cocktails

These 7 best cocktails of the summer include: -Aperol tonic -Blackberry basil margarita -Blackberry mojito -Empress gin French 75 -Aperol sour -Limoncello spritz -Strawberry limoncello margarita

Can you make a mojito with dark rum? Yes! Try this twist on the classic Mojito with dark rum and the addition of blackberries for a burst of fruity flavor.

Blackberry Mojito

This Aperol sour cocktail recipe is a versatile cocktail perfect for every occasion from the hot summer holidays to the cozy winter holidays

Frothy Aperol Sour

This Empress Gin French 75 classic cocktail has color-changing abilities and is made from gin, sparkling wine, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

Empress Gin French 75

This Limoncello Spritz is made with sweet Italian limoncello, club soda, and prosecco. It is one of the best Italian cocktails to sip on when the warm weather hits.

Limoncello Spritz

If you like the classic Aperol Spritz and Gin and Tonics, you’ll definitely love this Aperol Tonic recipe.

Aperol Tonic

Are you looking to shake up your cocktail game with a refreshing twist on a classic margarita? Next time you’re planning a day by the pool or a backyard barbeque, why not try a blackberry basil margarita!

Blackberry Basil Margarita

If you love strawberry lemonade and margaritas, this Strawberry Limoncello Margarita recipe is about to be your favorite cocktail. It’s the perfect way to elevate the classic margarita.

Strawberry Limoncello Margarita

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