5 Best Halloween Cocktails


This beautiful sparkly, purple-colored drink will make the perfect cocktail for spooky season. 

Hocus Pocus Martini

This fruity vodka cocktail is reminiscent of a Cosmo cocktail and is made with raspberry liqueur, vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice, and sparkling rosé for a frizzy, blood-red drink.

Vampire's Kiss Cocktail

These jello shots are a festive and fun way to present jello shots. They’re incredibly easy to make and are a great crowd pleaser. They’re a must for the spookiest of Halloween parties.

Syringe Jello Shots

These Practical Magic-inspired Midnight Margaritas will make you want to dance around your kitchen playing Harry Nilsson’s “Coconut” just like Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock.

Practical Magic Midnight Margaritas

This Beetlejuice cocktail is a pineapple margarita and only takes just a few minutes to make. This recipe includes measurements for making one cocktail or an entire batch.

Beetlejuice Margarita

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