3 Easy Whiskey Cocktails to Make Tonight

These 3 whiskey cocktails will be your new happy hour favorites.  Recipes include a whiskey remake on a Moscow Mule, a Whiskey Sour, and a Hot Toddy. 

bourbon mule  "Kentucky mule"

Just like its vodka cousin the Moscow Mule, the recipe uses ginger beer and limes. Sometimes the Bourbon Mule is referred to as the Kentucky Mule thanks to Kentucky being the bourbon capital of the world.

pomegranate whiskey sour

This pomegranate sour is made with pomegranate liqueur, whiskey, simple syrup, lemon juice, and egg whites. It’s the perfect spin on the classic whiskey sour.

apple cider  hot toddy

This apple cider hot toddy will warm you up during the cold fall and winter months. Made with honey, apple cider, cinnamon, and bourbon, it tastes just as good as it feels to cozy up with a hot toddy.

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