10 Best Christmas Gifts for Margarita Lovers


These 10 gifts are the best Christmas gifts for the margarita lovers in you life. Prices for these items range from about $13-$65, so there is a gift for everyone in this simple Christmas gift guide.

#1 - Practical or aesthetic?

3 Tips for Picking a Gift

Someone that likes practical gifts may enjoy tools to make a margarita. Someone that values aesthetics may prefer aesthetic margarita glasses.

#2 - Classics or like to try new things?

3 Tips for Picking a Gift

Someone that prefers a classic margarita may enjoy glassware. Someone likes to try new things may prefer cocktail recipe book.

#3 - Decide your budget in advance

3 Tips for Picking a Gift

This one is an obvious one, but knowing what you are willing to spend upfront will make your search 10x easier.

Specific titles linked below.

Cocktail Recipe Books

Budget: $10-$15

Things like shakers, juicers, and rimmers are helpful - specifics linked below.

Margarita Making Tools

Budget: $13-$65

Beautiful glassware and insulated tumblers are always well received. Specifics linked below.

Glassware and Tumblers

Budget: $25-$35

Margarita scented home goods and uniquely flavored salts are other options - specifics linked below.

Other Unique Gifts

Budget: $15-$20

For more ideas including how to make a margarita gift basket - see the full blog post article below. 

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